Mess Hall is a small, tightly knit community of rockstars. And we like it that way. From picture-perfect tarts found on the shelves at Whole Foods to healthy meals catered for DC’s young bright students, our Members do it all.

This community comes together day in and day out at Mess Hall. They help each other in the kitchen, collaborate on products, share in business opportunities, and learn from one another’s experiences. Our Mess Hall family is growing, and we’re in search of the newest talent to join the cohesive community. Find your place beside:

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Our ability to launch and grow small businesses is unparalleled. And our small, tightly knit community is indispensable. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what our Members have to say.


“Mess Hall will forever be the place where MISFIT went from an idea to a business. We came in knowing virtually nothing about food & beverage, and the Mess Hall community has nurtured us, taught us, and above all, shown patience toward us. We’ve gone from a business sold exclusively on our college campus to being distributed in dozens of retailers across DC and New York, and being a part of the first class of the Chobani Food Incubator.”

–Misfit Juicery

“My food product business could not have flourished without Mess Hall. There are lots of commercial kitchens, but few can claim to really be business “incubators” in addition to [just] kitchen space. TRUE had its first sale through the Mess Hall pop-up at Union Market. In the two years since, Mess Hall has helped us grow to over 30 sales outlets including Whole Foods. The space is clean and efficient, and the event space on site increases product visibility and marketing opportunities.”

–TRUE Syrups & Garnishes

“Being a member at Mess Hall has been a great experience for us. The collaboration with other members and the industry knowledge that Al possesses has made a positive impact on our business. This has been the perfect space for us to learn and grow!”

–Jinsei Juice

“Being a part of Mess Hall has so many benefits outside of being able to produce in a clean, professional kitchen. At Mess Hall everything stems from being a part of a community. Talking with other producers about their best practices for growth, networking across the food industry, and being a part of organized pitches to retailers are just a few of the things that have helped me grow my business.”

–Junius Cold Brew Coffee Company

“Mess Hall is more than a kitchen, it is a community. The space is filled with like-minded culinary professionals working side-by-side who are always ready to offer a helping hand. As a part of the Mess Hall community, Farm to Feast has obtained invaluable opportunities and experience through on and off premises events that would have been otherwise inaccessible.”

–Farm to Feast

“We landed at Mess Hall in March of 2016 and from partnering with other community members to working with the Mess Hall leadership, it has been a great experience. The resources available have allowed us to grow from 4 employees to 14 and triple our revenue! It is an unparalleled community in which to experience the challenges AND successes of #foodjump entrepreneurship.”

–Sloppy Mama’s